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Who are we?

Finite Comedy Systems. The name alone explains it all. Or not at all. We're going to run out of comedy eventually, but first we've got some stupid things to show you. Stick around and enjoy the silliness.

The Story

Robert Borgesi and Iyaz Akhtar met in 1997 on the first day of college at Boston University. Flash forward to 2006: Iyaz was going mad studying for the NY Bar Exam so he decided to start an entertainment review podcast. Iyaz asked Rob if he would like to join him on this podcast and Rob said sure.

2007, the duo actually name themselves "Finite Comedy Systems." The two were driving past "Infinite Fighting Systems," a martial arts training facility. Playing on that name, the two thought about calling themselves "Infinite Comedy Systems" before realizing they would run out of comedy eventually. So they called themselves "Finite Comedy Systems." Today, they go by the shorter "FiniteComedy.com."

Later in 2007, Iyaz saw a link on ChannelFlip.com that said "Join Us." Thinking they had nothing to lose, Iyaz contacted ChannelFlip with their "Killing Time" show. To Iyaz's surprise, ChannelFlip was interested and now Rob and Iyaz are hosts on "ChannelFlip Tech." Their particular show focuses on websites that can be used beyond the web.

In their spare time, Iyaz and Rob continue to put out other programming via FiniteComedy.com.