Killing Time: Braden Russell Returns!

Direct Download: Killing Time with Braden Russell.

Braden "The Muscles from Brussels" Russell of the HDTV Podcast is in the house!
A big welcome to HDTV Podcast listeners from Killing Time. Thanks for coming by. Feel free to check out our other episodes where we review entertainment.

Braden and I.A. discuss lots in this first part of an exciting two-parter:

  • Naming the next Russell.
  • The next generation DVD war and why Braden hates Blu-Ray.

  • FIGHT: CRTs vs. Flat Panels: Which is the best?
  • I.A. and Braden end up designing the future of home theater technology.

Thanks to Braden Russell for being on the show for a second time. You've got a great sense of humor and we appreciate that here at Killing Time.

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Duration: 23 minutes 47 seconds