Killing Time 048: Writers Strike

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The Writers Strike has led to many reruns. What will you do for entertainment? Don't worry. That's why Killing Time is here. In this episode I.A. and J.B. go over alternatives to watching reruns.

Killing Time 047: Cruise's Crazy and Next Gen DVDs

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Tom Cruise has gone crazy - what effect does this have on his movies?

  • Has Lions for Lambs been doomed because of Tom Crazy?
  • Are Glen Close and Meryl Streep the same person?
  • John Travolta, L. Ron Hubbard, the Professor and Mary Ann.

Plus, a knock-down, drag-out fight: Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD. Turns out that they're both doomed.

Killing Time 046: Reviewing Entertainment (For Reals).

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Don't miss the best television show of the season: Pushing Daisies.  If you haven't watched it, go to and enjoy their great video player.  It's free with few commercials.

DVD Pick: Spaced with Simon Pegg.  It's out on Region 2 DVD; figure out how to play it using your US players on your own.  Rumors are abound that this show will be remade for America. Catch it before it is screwed up.

Season 4 of the Office (US) Version
Big Bang Theory - Geek comedy on CBS.  It's pretty funny. Only 3 people watch it on Earth. Be the 4th!  You can watch it on, but be prepared for an awful video experience.  Thanks, CBS.

State of Wrestling: New Segment about the world of professional wrestling.  An absolutely scintillating discussion awaits you!

Killing Time 044: The Sultan Strikes Back!

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I.A. and J.B. return! An excellent new installment of Stump the Sultan of Some Cinema.

Episode runs under 9 minutes. C'mon, you can listen to this while you're having lunch.

Killing Time 043: Potter and Peanuts

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In this episode I.A. and J.B. predict how the Harry Potter series will end and discuss some entertainment news including a potential "Behind the Mask: Leslie Vernon" sequel.

Duration: 20 minutes and 50 seconds of fun.