Killing Time: Paley Center for Media

I.A. and J.B. visit the Paley Center for Media in New York City. The Paley Center was formerly known as "The Museum of Television and Radio." The Paley Center is a very interesting experience without many exhibitions but with plenty of screening rooms and a library of over 140,000 radio and television shows.

Congrats to J.B. on his engagement to his new mystery woman.

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Killing Time Rant: Musicals

The Killing Time boys rant about musicals in this episode. Watch this video in HD on

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Killing Time 054: Titan of Television

It's the final Killing Time of 2007. Today, J.B. hosts "The Titan of Television" featuring I.A. "The Titan of Television" is a segment where J.B. asks I.A. television related questions. This episode revolves around the popular television show "Growing Pains."

  • How many Seaver kids were there?
  • What was Boner's real name?
  • What did Ben get on Christmas?
  • How did Krissy get her name?
  • And more!

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There is a ton of new stuff planned for 2008. Happy New Year!

Killing Time 053: Sultan of Some Cinema

Good Ol' J.B. is up against a whole bunch of questions. In case you didn't know, J.B. is the Sultan of Some Cinema. He knows virtually everything there is about every movie that has ever been made. He doesn't know everything (otherwise, we'd call him the Sultan of Cinema).

J.B. doesn't know the questions ahead of time and is forced to deal with difficult movie trivia while I.A. (the host of this particular segment) tries his best to confuse the man known as J.B.

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Killing Time 052: New York Times 10 Best Books of 2007

Listen Now!

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The New York Times has put together a list of the 10 Best Books of 2007. Turns out I.A. and J.B. haven't read any of them. Listen as J.B. tries to figure out what these books are about based solely on their titles.

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BTW: Keep downloading this year. There may be some more new episodes of Killing Time before 2007 is through!