Killing Time: The Lost 50th Episode

The long awaited and lost 50th episode of "Killing Time" has been found on an SD Card after being transferred from the original tape. They cover the monster movie of the year, "Cloverfield."

Killing Time:

At the end of the party there are always odds and ends in your liquor bottles. What can you do with them? to the rescue!

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Killing Time 02.

You can download the episode from Blip.TV. Don't worry, we're still on They're just working on some things.

The NEW Killing Time: Rasterbator

Hello, everybody. Welcome to The NEW Killing Time. The show has moved over to and now focuses on reviewing websites with a twist. We show you how to use online to live offline. Watch the internet spill over onto your living room floors!

In today's episode, I.A. and J.B. show you an oldie-but-a-goodie in The Rasterbator. We make a giant picture of Megan Fox of "Transformers" fame.

The show will now be first run on ChannelFlip and will be back on FiniteComedy soon. Of course, we'll have extras and extended versions of the show for you once "Killing Time" returns.

For those of you missing the old "Killing Time," come back and we'll have a similar show coming out soon called "Plan B."

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A Message from

A live show in Quebec? You decide! Watch this video in HD on Vimeo.

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Killing Time: 30 Rock

Watch this video in HD at Vimeo.

With the Writers Strike now over, it looks like we'll be getting some new material on our television sets. J.B. and I.A. review NBC's "30 Rock" at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

Congrats to J.B. on his engagement to Katrina Bowden -- now all he has to do is tell her.

Watch Alec Baldwin. He's damn funny on "30 Rock."

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