Killing Time: The Joker

More "Dark Knight" for you. Rob and Iyaz try to figure out who will have to try to fill the role of the Joker. Heath Ledger's amazing performance is a hard act to follow.

Killing Time: Dark Knight Review

We're kicking off "Dark Knight Week" here on Iyaz and Rob start it with a review of the unbelievable "Dark Knight." Is this the greatest movie ever made? Arguably.

Killing Time: Power Hour

Catwoman vs. Elektra. Which was the better movie? Which was worst? What happens when two guys watch the movies at the same time while conducting a "Power Hour?" Find out in this episode of "Killing Time."

Killing Time: Marvel Movies

That's right. An audio episode of "Killing Time" is here for you. The Killing Time Crew goes back to its roots and reviews the Marvel movies of the summer of 2008. Listen to the death-defying Bob and the chair-sitting Iyaz discuss "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk." 23 minutes of Mighty Marvel Movies!

Killing Time Special: Unaired Pilot

A long time ago, Rob and Iyaz pitched a show. They wanted us to try a shorter-form show. We said sure. Here's our first attempt at doing a show about websites. We reworked the idea and now you can see the results every Friday on ChannelFlip Tech where we discuss how to use online to live offline.