Killing Time: How I Met Your Mother

A DVD Special. We're looking at the "How I Met Your Mother" Season One DVD Set. The television show is good, the special features are good, but what's with the 4:3 aspect ratio? What is this? 1953? They didn't have DVD's then, but get with the program, CBS.

Killing Time: Watchmen

Who watches the watchmen? Well, we watched the "Watchmen" trailer and try to figure out how the movie will be. Also, a quick recap of what made "Watchmen" a monumental comic book series.

Killing Time: Batman 3

"Dark Knight Week" spills over. There was so much to talk about, there's a whole episode where Rob and Iyaz discuss the inevitable Batman 3. Who will be the villain? Will there be a villain?

Killing Time: Rock Band

Rock Band has dropped for the Wii and we wanted to take a look. How does it compare to Guitar Hero? What happens if you forget to bring the kick pedal for the drums? Find out in this low key edition of "Killing Time."

Killing Time: Burn Notice

A laid back episode covering "Burn Notice," and we're doing a live show with giveaways? We'll see about that one.