Killing Time 011: Braden Russell of the HDTV Podcast

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Braden Russell of the HDTV Podcast guest stars as we talk about sound equipment.  Hey, if you're going to be consuming content, might as well have good equipment.  Thanks for the plug, Braden.  Remember newcomers, there are other episodes for free!  Check 'em out.  Subscribe early and often! 

What did we yap about?

What is the HDTV Podcast?
How many speakers does Braden have in his system?
The different systems. stereo, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1
What kind of cables  do you need for HDTV?
Fight: Braden "you might as well as well come into my house and kick my dog" Russell.  Mono vs. Surround Sound
Sound Projectors - The Ultimate Compromise?
Home theater budgets - rule of thumb
How should you store your content? DVD Changers and Hard Drive Backups
How much quality does a normal person notice?
The legality of backing up DVDs.  What is fair use?
Downloading Movies through CinemaNow and burning DVDs.
Netflix set top box?
If you get the HDTV, you've got to upgrade your service.

That's it for Episode 11.  
First, thanks to Braden Russell for being on the show
Next week, Taimak of Berry Gordy's the Last Dragon (he was Bruce Leroy/Leroy Green). 

Killing Time 010: Dick DeBartolo Interview Part 003 of 003

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Part 3 of my interview with Mad's Maddest Writer, Dick DeBartolo

What did we talk about?

How many podcasts are there in the world?
The Death of TechTV (but it lives in Canada, eh)
The Origin of Daily Giz Wiz
the NASCAR Racecar clock
The Hard Drive Enclosure as a Gadget?
A tape deck for your PC.
The Eggstractor - it removes the shell off of a hard boiled egg
Weird Patents

The Gravity Powered Shoe Air Conditioner
A combined bird-trap and cat feeder

A USB Missle Launcher - defend your desk.  Combine it with flash drives, forget you, sneakernet!
MAD Magazine
Buying URLs in bulk
The What the Heck is it contest at

And JB gets trashed by Dick.

Killing Time 009: Dick DeBartolo Interview Part 002

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Gadgets, Game Shows and More.  Dick and I.A. Yap it up about Lots of things.

More Gadgets:

Shower Head with a Generator and LEDs

Messages on Wheels

LEDs on Hubcaps - only $12500 (US).
Bikes - Hokey Spokes
Listen to IA find things on webpages
The Red Phone - the $500 Rotary Cell Phone

Blowfly: Mosquitos wake you up.
TV Screens in the Urinals
$400 Wooden Knobs for your billion dollar amplifier

Entertainment Gadgets -

Dick's HDTV and Time Warner Cable
HDMI cables
Component vs. HDMI vs. Composite vs. RF


Dick's favorite gadgets:

Westclox Nap Timer
SlingBox - SlingBox for Mac it's in Beta.  SlingBox Scoop?

Game Shows:

Dick makes up a game show on the spot
How Dick got into writing for game shows
Dick Saves the Match Game
The Selling of Concentration (game show)


MAD Magazine Hires young Dick DeBartolo - nevermind the alarm
How you can get hired by MAD - they're open for submissions
The Origin of the Fight Segment
Studying for the Bar Exam
Berry Gordy's the Last Dragon and the Taimak Interview
Stealing traffic from the DGW

Killing Time 008: Dick DeBartolo Interview

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Guest Starring Dick DeBartolo and his Air Conditioner Lots of Gadgets discussed in this episode:

* Mini Water Dispenser
* Infomercials and Commercial Spoofs - Ionic Breeze / Ironic Breeze
* Magic Bullet Blender
* Showtime BBQ Grill
* Show-Off T-shirt - shirt with built in equalizer
* Billboard Hat
* Wavy Wand
* Tempo Tags
* The Cruizin' Cooler

Daily Giz Wiz

* The origin of Killing Time (Dick DeBartolo Interviews I.A?)

MAD Talk

* The new issue of MAD Magazine
* Dick gets paid to watch TV
* Yell's Kitchen and Deal or No Deal
* Snakes on a Plane
* The MAD magazine process
* 24 - Dick DeBartolo liked it - but he's tired of Keifer Sutherland running and screaming.


* I.A. teaches Dick some things
* BitTorrenting
* Call For Help
* Cracked Magazine
* Cargo Magazine
* iTunes
* D**k and S**k and Censorship.
* Changes to the Daily Giz Wiz
* WBAL Baltimore

Killing Time 007: Killing the Lag

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Upcoming Interviews, Snakes on a Plane, New Segment, Spider-Man 3 and more!

* Taimak and Dick DeBartolo are coming to Killing Time
* Jack Bauer Stole My Week: I.A. Watches 24: Seasons 3, 4, and 5 in six days.
o Is Jack Bauer better than Batman?
o Contains Spoilers (So if you don't want to hear about the show, don't listen.)
o Jack Bauer = Captain America?
* Snakes on a Plane: Prank Calls available - - excellent marketing
* New Segment: Stump the Sultan of Some Cinema
* Spider-Man 3: Too Many Villains?