Killing Time 018: Mini Episode

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3 lbs cancelled, He-Man movie cancelled, Will Smith - now available in unfunny.  No fight since I'm by myself on this one.

Links to the topics discussed available here.

Killing Time 017: Edited Goodness

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Happy Turkey-Day, U.S.

What's in this highly edited episode? Glad you asked, sparky!

The Holiday Trailer
James Bond in Casino Royale
Chuck Woolery
Wii and the PS3 - and the oddity of the PS3 commercials
Tortilla Chips
Who is Scoop?
Screwed by Radio Shack
Where to get a Wii
Pulp Fiction/Reservior Dogs Sequel
Impromptu Napoleon Dynamite Discussion
The place of plots in movies
Animation and its beginnings
Disney and its special urban legends
Fight: PepperPad  - an entertainment device
Wii Accessories

Killing Time 016: Double D's.

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Enjoy 016 - going back to our roots and actually reviewing entertainment. Puffed Rice to y'all.

Double D, a woman on the show? What's going on here? Listen, and we'll tell you
Berry Gordy's the Last Dragon
Favorite Shows of the Fall 2006 season
Ghost Rider: The Movie

2 Comic Book nerds and a non-comic book person talk about the Ghost Rider Trailer

Borat opened huge
Stranger than Fiction: Original? You must be delirious!
Entertainment News

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Killing Time 015: Corruption

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The Prestige, Nacho Libre DVD, The Sultan of Some Cinema, Fight: Teen Wolf vs. Teen Wolf Too, a quick word on A Thin Red Line.

The episode recorded a couple of weeks ago where I.A. and J.B. chit-chat and argue. Actually contains entertainment reviews!

Killing Time 012: Taimak Interview!

Humor with Taimak
"I did the Last Dragon.  The LAST DRAG-ON!"
What it was like shooting and starring in the movie
Acting with Julius Carrey - the back story - he's an instigator?
Stuntmen trying to replace the youngster
The Banana suit
Internet telephony - the magic of skype
I.A. vs. Taimak - the fight - it will happen?
Video project with Taimak?
Current projects including Taimak.TV
The tao of Shirtless-ness
Current projects of the Taimak

Private gyms, dvds,
working out and getting in shape
writing for a magazine
myspace, youtube, buzzes

Cheaters - Taimak vs. James Avery
Inside the Actor's Studio rip-off / wrap up

favorite word, least favorite word...
Taimak's Summer Camp
If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say at the gates?
"What are you wearing that for? You're supposed to be naked!"
Who's the master?

Taimak to return - when? dunno.
Jimmy Yang / Akio on myspace.  

Running time: under 23 minutes.

links:,, watch Taimak on YouTube

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