Killing Time 022: 2007 Movies

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We take a look at some movies to be released in 2007. Specifically Spider-Man 3, Transformers: complete with movie and original television show discussions, the Voltron Movie, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

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Duration: 11 minutes and 30 seconds

Killing Time 021: 2006 in Review

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Real Genius 2, Val Kilmer, and the Movies of 2006, Six Feet Under, Miss Potter, Harry Potter and some Horcrux stuff.

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Duration: 18:27

Killing Time 020: Fighting into 2007

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Once Bitten vs. Real Genius. It's a fight for the ages as I.A. and J.B. clash over movies that came out in 1985 and are constantly aired during all sorts of rain delays.

A snappy 10:14.
A healthy 4.6MB. Enjoy.

Killing Time 019: Mini Episode 002

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Prince at the SuperBowl, free television on your PC, Standoff, Eragon and Rocky Balboa isn't about a grill?

A small 4 minute episode at a paltry 1.8MB. 

Download it, what do you have to lose?  You could listen to it on an elevator ride!

Killing Time 018: Mini Episode

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3 lbs canceled, He-Man movie cancelled, Will Smith - now available in unfunny.  No fight since I'm by myself on this one.

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