Killing Time 027: Fight - The Jeffersons vs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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The battle that was inevitable. Everyone wanted to know which show was superior. Find out which show reigns supreme! Buffy vs. The Jeffersons.

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Duration: 09 minutes and 07 seconds

Killing Time 026: Spiraling Out of Control

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So many things to talk about, so I.A. and J.B. talk about a boatload of stuff in this episode.

What we talked about:

Wonder Woman, Knocked Up, 24, Music, The Killers, Nickelback, The Bravery, Aberdeen City, "Love" by the Beatles, stalking thru, Fight: Bring It On vs. Bring It On Again, Knight Rider Movie, Mythbusters

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Length: 13 minutes and 26 seconds
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Killing Time 025: Nontraditional Entertainment

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The Nintendo Wii, Stream media to your TV from your computer, Websites worth your time.

  • Congratulations to J.B. on his engagement to Playboy Playmate Jennifer Walcott.
  • Okay, we've both had Nintendo Wii for a couple of weeks now -- how about a review?
  • MVix - Stream your content (unprotected content, anyway) to your TV.  A quick review.
  • What websites do you waste your time on? I.A. and J.B. pick a bunch of sites and argue about them.

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Duration: 20 minutes and 40 seconds
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Killing Time 024a: Stump the Sultan of Some Cinema

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Episode 024 had some technical difficulties, but we taped this right
before the official 024.  So, here's a replacement episode, 24a. 

Today, we play "Stump the Sultan of Some Cinema" featuring J.B.  J.B. knows virtually everything about 80's movies and I.A. puts him to the test.  With non-live studio audience!

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Duration: 06 minutes and 35 seconds

Here's where the questions come from:

Killing Time 023: The Number 23 Fight.

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The Number 23: The Movie.  Is Joel Schumacher due for a good movie directing Jim Carrey in "The Number 23?"

Did the movie "The Number 23" rip off Dr. Pepper commercials?  The
Number 23 stars Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen.  Joel "The man who apologized for his Batman movies" Schumacher directs.

Can the Riddler from Batman be serious?  Find out in this episode!

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Duration: 16 minutes and 31 seconds of conflict!