Killing Time 031: Ghost Rider and More.

Direct Download: Killing Time 031.

The official version of episode 031.  If you've already listened to it, nothing has changed.

Ghost Rider, Nic Cage, DVD Picks: The Simpsons, The Fantastic Four movies and a review of everybody's favorite podcast: Killing Time.

Duration: A quick show at 5 minutes and 47 seconds.
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Killing Time - The Straw 35 Second Spot

So you couldn't watch the whole 10 minute Straw show, here's a really really short version of it!

Watch it here and we get paid!

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Killing Time Special: The Straw

The Killing Time Crew tries something different in this episode.  No entertainment reviews, but there's stupid entertainment.  Take a look at this send up on infomercials. The audio has been remixed in this version.

BTW, watching the flash player version earns us money, feel free to watch it over and over (completely). Thanks

Direct Download: The Straw

Killing Time 030 with Adam Christianson

Direct Download: Killing Time 030.

Is Adam Christianson leaving podcasting?  Find out the answer to this
question and also Adam's opinions on television, movies and other
entertainment in this episode of Killing Time.

Links to some of what we talked about:

File Size: 9.7MB
Duration: 21 minutes 14 seconds

Killing Time 028: Myriad of Topics

Direct Download: Killing Time 028.

A myriad of topics today:  DVD Non-pick: King Kong -- what did Peter Jackson do to this thing?  Disney's obsession with killing mothers in its cartoon movies.  A third Cinderella movie -- why? Saved by the Bell teaches us a lesson.  American Idol discussed.  The fate of "Twenty Good Years," the sitcom starring John Lithgow and Jeffery Tambor.

File Size: 4.9MB
Duration: 10 minutes and 36 seconds

Links to everything we talked about: