Killing Time 036: The Sultan Returns!

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A big thank you to Adam Christianson over at the Maccast. Thanks for being on the show and that excellent blog posting promoting your guest spot.

I.A. and J.B. chit chat a bit before getting their act together and starting a Michael Keaton heavy "Stump the Sultan of Some Cinema." Enjoy.

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File Size: 4.09MB - so small that you'd be a fool not to download it!
Duration: 8 Minutes and 56 Seconds. You could listen to it in an elevator between floors (if you take a really old elevator or it gets stuck which we would never hope for. Good luck).

Killing Time 035: The Titan of Television

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Killing Time presents a brand new segment: The Titan of Television. J.B. hosts and I.A. doesn't. I.A. answers television-related questions for your amusement.

File Size: 4.3 Paltry MB.
Duration: 9 minutes and 23 seconds.

Killing Time 034: American Idol and Tangents

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DVD Pick: Johnny Dangerously; FilmWad's Top Last Dragon Quotes, Robocop vs. Terminator, and screwing with American Idol. 

Duration: 8:40
File Size: 3.97MB

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Killing Time 033: Goodbye, Captain.

Direct Download: Killing Time 033.

The Death of Captain America, Random Speculation: How to bring
back Captain America, The Ultimate Marvel Universe, Death of Superman
Animated Movie and Smallville News.

Duration: 8:29
File Size: 3.89MB

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Also, expect another excellent episode this Friday!

Killing Time 032: "300" Review and Movie News

Direct Download: Killing Time 032.

You wouldn't believe it -- genuine an actual review of a movie in this episode!

Reviewing Frank Miller's 300 Movie; Batman News: Goodbye, Katie Holmes, Hello Maggie Gyllenhall, Jason "My Name is Earl" Lee is David Seville.

Duration: 8:56
File size: 4.1MB

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