Killing Time 085: Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad season 4 started tonight, so we chatted a bit about the previous seasons and why you should watch. Then we move into game show time with "The Titan of Television."

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Killing Time 084: Sultan of Some Cinema Returns

Today we talked about "Falling Skies," Brock Lesnar's book, DC's reboot and we wrap up with the return of our trivia show, "Sultan of Some Cinema."

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Killing Time 083: July 06, 2011

We haven't done this show in a long time, but it looks like we're back due to un-popular demand. Today we're talking about almost anything. There's an audio issue somewhere in the middle. Sorry about that, folks.

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Killing Time 082: The Walking Dead

Today, we talked about AMC's newest show, "The Walking Dead."

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Killing Time 081: The 2010 Fall Television Season

Today we're talking about the new fall television season. Are there any hits out there? Maybe.

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