Factory Tour 005: Digging through the vault

Finite Comedy Systems went into the archives to bring you alternate takes, never seen before material, deleted scenes, and even early video tests.

Factory Tour 004: Tour the New Studio

A new Finite Comedy studio is up and running and we'd thought we'd give you a tour. Find out how to build sets, tips on building your own studio, and money saving ideas here.

Factory Tour 003: Aiptek Camera Mod

Iyaz shows you the mod he did to a cheap HD Aiptek camera. Find out about the camera, the mic, and more. The video may look off because it's a bootleg. Due to compression problems, this is actually a video of a video. It's a bootleg cam special.

Factory Tour 002: Building Something

Take a look at the studio and workshop. It's where all the magic happens. Then Bob the Builder constructs something big using his woodworking skills.

Download: MP4 Version

Factory Tour 001: The Guys

Get to know the Finite Comedy guys. Watch as they head to Foxwoods Casino then interview each other. Unscripted for your pleasure. It's kind of like a little documentary. A minimentary. Since we're using Viddler you can add comments right to the video. Try it out.

Direct Download (mp4):
Factory Tour: The Guys
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