Site changes are afoot!

We're changing some things here at Instead of having all of our shows within one giant home, we're moving to individual sites for individual shows. This just means that each show site will have its own look and feel. We hope you like where we are going.


Want to watch on an iPhone? We've got a solution

Due to the fact that all of our shows are not on one particular service, not all videos work on the iPhone when you browse using Safari. We've got a small work around that ought to help.

If you visit, you'll be redirected to a page with the latest videos. These videos will work on the iPhone and the iPod touch from Safari. It's not a total mobile solution yet, but it's a step.

You'll see the show title and a big play button. Hit that play button and you'll be able to watch the show.

Of course, you can make sure you have our fine Finite Comedy content on your iPhone or other personal media players by subscribing to any of our shows here.

June 9th, 2009: Latest Episodes on one page

We've been tinkering with this page for a while. It's just one page with all regular shows embedded. You'll be able to get the latest episodes of "ChannelFlip Web," "Dinosaurs: Before They Were Fuels," and "Killing Time" here. You can find "Latest Episodes" under the "More" menu.

So if you want to watch the latest episode of "Dinosaurs," you could go to the Dinosaurs section, or just go to this page.

The player we are using is from and it is very powerful. You can access older episodes, watch them in HD, subscribe and lots more right from the player.

"Killing Time" returns today

The entertainment review podcast dedicated to finding entertainment that does not suck is coming back today. Keep an eye out on the front page today for a new episode of "Killing Time."

May 13, 2009: The "Killing Time" set is under construction

Here you can see the new "Killing Time" set being built. We're doing a different look with this set. The goal is to have the set finished up by the end of the week with a new episode up soon.

Dinosaurs on

Episode 22 of "Dinosaurs: Before They Were Fuels" is up and our friends at are promoting it by putting the ep on the front page. Thanks, guys.

We're also on a real schedule. "Dinosaurs" is now on every other weekend (probably Sundays). You can now watch it on your Monday morning commute since it will be ready and waiting for you. Enjoy!

April 28, 2009: Subscription options updated

Just went through and added in some links to subscribe to ChannelFlip Web. The HD version of the feed is under review at iTunes, and should be up shortly.

Expect a lot more HD videos to be uploaded this week.

Oddball: The Foolproof Workout Method

We don't have a home for images, so I put it here.

Dinosaurs featured on Miro

"Dinosaurs: Before They Were Fuels" was just featured on Miro. If you scroll around on the Miro Guide, you'll find the show. It seems like a lot of folks have found the Dino-show. Very cool.